Most Persian dishes are made with lamb or veal but I like to use beef. I have tried various cuts of beef over the years and found the shoulder cuts (not all) to be the most flavorful, tender and juicy cuts for Persian stews. Chuck is the section of the cow that starts at the shoulder blade and extends to the first few ribs. Chuck cut has plenty of connective tissues that melt when the meat is cooked. This helps to add flavor and also tenderize the meat. The names given to different cuts of chuck vary widely from store brands to different parts of the country but the most commonly used names for the cuts I use are chuck cross rib roast, flat iron roast or chuck tender roast. Other cuts of chuck could be too fatty, stringy or dry. If you can’t find these cuts in your area look for stew meat that has some marbling and connective tissues.

Cross rib roast

Chuck cross rib roast


Flat iron roast

flat iron roast

Flat iron steak, roast cut into steak slices.

beef chuck tender roast

Chuck tender or mock tender roast. Leaner cut with less marbling. Resembles a beef tenderloin in shape, but smaller in size. Economical and flavorful cut, slightly tough.

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