Food Gallery

Appetizer/Side Dish/Breakfast/Brunch


Khoresht (Persian Stew)

KuKu Sabzi (Herbs Frittata)


Polo (Rice)


My Family’s Favorites

6 thoughts on “Food Gallery”

  1. Your gallery made me so hungry!! Very mouth-watering dishes πŸ˜€

  2. Thank you Parisa. It’s amazing how looking at food photos makes us hungry. Every time I look at all these wonderful food blogs out there I raid my fridge LOL.

  3. matkam said:

    These recipes are great. I’ve been using them and learning from this site for years! Thank you.

  4. I recently moved my site back to wordpress and have a lot of broken links and recipes that aren’t posted yet so bear with me until I clean up the site and make it functional again.

  5. I love your website, I’ve been making a lot of stews from your recipes :). Thank you!

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